Biometric Switch - Easier than Single sign-on

Is user security a high priority for your organization?  Biometric Switch is an ideal solution. Give your employees a seamless corporate login experience. Set up Biometric Switch as the master authenticator for all your systems and say yes to frictionless biometric authentication via smartphones.

All in one 

Sophisticated biometric-enabled technology allows multiple applications to be added to Biometric Switch. Unlike a federated identity management system that provides single access to multiple systems, we offer additional security. Mobile biometric authentication is required for every application sign in request to validate your identity further.

In built mobile device manager 

Enjoy a feature rich add-on with Biometric Switch. Use our inbuilt mobile device manager as a single console to secure corporate data. Keeping user demands and IT requirements in mind, our fully featured device manager supports BYOD and COPE functionality enabling mobile device management, application management, email management and device containerization.

Easy re-branding 

Want Biometric Switch as your corporate app customized to suit your corporate identity? Easy server-side configuration allows you to rebrand the Biometric Switch mobile app to match your company image.