Auth X SDK - Secure Multi-factor Authentication

Eliminate the hassle of forgotten passwords and the risk of stolen passwords with Auth-X-SDK. Additional layers of security provided through Auth-X-Engine offers smart phone-based biometric authentication. Enhance your user’s security while offering a seamless user experience. Simply embed Auth-X features in your own mobile application via our white label SDK.

For any business platform

Perform versatile integrations with Auth-X-Engine on any business platform that supports branded or bespoke solutions using our API. A simple server-side configuration is all you need to rebrand your mobile application.

Fast and secure 

Speed of light push notifications that helps your users engage fast on time-sensitive, applications. An effective, secure way that notifies users based on their device identification number and our six dimensions of technical advancements that add layers of security.

Supports mobile connect 

Digital identity verification using biometrics on smartphones is the future of cyber world. To aid users who value security on basic feature phones or non-biometric smart phones, Auth-X-Engine supports Mobile Connect. A secure, universal login protocol for non-biometric and non-smart phones. Users are safely identified by simply matching them through their mobile phone number.