3DS Gate - Secure yet convenient online transactions

Eliminate the unnecessary user hassle of remembering passwords. Ensure a user validation that’s more secure than SMS verification. 3DS gate collaborates with the 3D secure protocol to offer biometric authorization on smartphones. Online transactions receive an additional layer of security as data is also authorized via the device identification number.

An effortless update 

 No additional installations or inconvenience for users. The request for biometric verification is simply conveyed through the bank’s own mobile banking application. A simple server-side configuration customizes the app to match your branding.

Fast and secure 

Light speed push notifications that help your users engage fast on time-sensitive, applications. An effective, secure way that notifies users based on their device identification number and our six dimensions of technical advancements that add layers of security.

Supports mobile connect 

Smartphones with biometrics will soon be the norm but for users who value security on basic feature phones or non-biometric smart phones, well we’ve got them covered. 3DS Gate supports Mobile Connect the secure, universal login protocol for non-biometric and non-smart phones. Users are safely identified by simply matching them through their mobile phone number.