Our ground-breaking technology makes the need for passwords a thing of the past. Enjoy a flawless, fully secured user experience. Our goal is to keep you safe, with our seamless authentication and authorization protocols.

Secure authentication with a white label SDK

  • Embed in any business platform
  • Integrate with ease
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Secure approvals through a white label SDK

  • Multi-platform integration
  • Integrate fast
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3D Secure, an additional fraud prevention layer for online transactions

  • Fast biometric authentication
  • Minimum step integration
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Secure authentication with Authnex mobile application

  • Integrate across any business platform
  • Embed in a few simple steps
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Be a game changer with Authnex. It’s simple. We are redefining the future of login to a hassle free, passwordless secure experience. Come join us for a revolution in identity authentication and authorization.